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Servicon’s Delkrederetag receives great response

At the invitation of the German SME group’s service society Servicon,  nearly 70 decision-makers from the associated group field came to Göttingen on 24 February to exchange views on the latest credit management issues.

In the morning, the practice-oriented lectures by Heinz Faessen from the associated group Electronic Partner and Sven Grobrügge, division manager for law and finances of the associated group Hagebau, were in the focus of interest.

In the afternoon, the lectures were mainly focused on issues relating to the avoidance of transactions in insolvency proceedings. The contribution of attorney at law Lutz Paschen generated considerable interest. By giving examples from his law firm’s professional practice, he showed how creditors can successfully defend themselves against the insolvency administrator’s claims. Paschen finished his lecture with an optimistic outlook regarding the good processes in the effort for a reform of the right of appeal.

Servicon CEO and moderator of the event Jörg Glaser was impressed by the positive resonance and the intensity of the experience exchange. He held out the prospect of a continuation of this successful event format.