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EARN meeting in Paris

The metropolis of Paris was the location for this year’s meeting of the EARN network. At the beginning of October 2019, EARN´s French partner law firm Room Avocats welcomed numerous network members and other guests to its premises not far from the Arc de Triomphe.

The main emphasis of the two-day meeting focussed on the country-specific measures to implement the EU Restructuring Directive. The directive came into force in July of this year and must be implemented in all EU member states within two years. The German partner law firm PASCHEN Rechtsanwälte is actively involved in this matter. Among other things, PASCHEN is the initiator of a joint declaration on claims drawn up by five key associations for the implementation of the directive into German law with appropriate regard to creditors’ rights.

Another topic on the agenda was the development of electronic legal transactions in the member states which differ considerably from one EU country to another. After Portugal, Italy is one of the most advanced nations with relation to electronic transactions where for some time now insolvency proceedings have already been conducted exclusively by electronic means and can also be communicated electronically in other legal proceedings, as reported by attorney at law Dr. Stefanie Mehrens of the Milan law firm Izzi Toniatti Perron-Cabus Martini. Spain has also made significant progress in this area, as Luis Sánchez Pérez of the new EARN member Medina Cuadros Abogados informed.

In general, it was noted that the cooperation of the network partners has developed very successfully which is why the continued expansion of the EARN network with the admission of partners from other European states should be continued consistently. Plans for the next EARN annual meeting in 2020 are firmly under way.