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Due to our main practice field Legal Claim Management we expect of our employees not only to enjoy their job, show a great deal of commitment and a distinctive ability to work in team – but also to be interested in economic aspects and thinking outside the „legal box“. We depend on the utilization of modern IT solutions – more than colleagues. Therefore we are looking for up-and-coming attorneys as well as legal team members who have the potential to grow into such positions. In addition to many medium-sized businesses, corporate groups also belong to our client circle. Consequently we have to meet high expectations – but in return working for us is very interesting and rewarding. If that matches your own ideas and desires of your professional future, we would like to meet you!



Rechtsanwalt (m/w/d) Litigation/Insolvenzrecht/Wirtschaftsrecht

(, )

Rechtsanwaltsfachangestellte/r (m/w/d) für den Bereich Mahnwesen / Zwangsvollstreckung

Erfahrene/r Rechtsanwaltsfachangestellte/r für den Bereich Mahnwesen / Zwangsvollstreckung (m/w/d)


Auszubildende/r zur/zum Rechtsanwaltsfachangestellten (m/w/d)

PASCHEN_Auszubildende_ReFa_Berlin.pdf (pdf, 524.18 KB)


Rechtsreferendar (m/w/d) in Nebentätigkeit

PASCHEN_Rechtsreferendar_Berlin.pdf (pdf, 1.10 MB)

Rechtsreferendar/in (m/w/d) (Station/Nebentätigkeit)

PASCHEN_Köln_Referendar_Zivil_Handelsrecht.pdf (pdf, 513.45 KB)