Trade & Service

Trade sector engagements –wholesale and mail order businesses in particular as well as services form a significant proportion of our extensive customer portfolio.

Our involvement starts with all sales law and law applicable to works and services along with inquiries concerning related areas of law. We advise during the preparation of contracts, including the drawing up of contract templates and General Terms of Business continuing onward with assistance in structuring of subsequent business workflows and their documentation as along with conceptual structuring of payment transactions particularly with regard to payments made by direct debit. Last but not least, we are take necessary measures for collecting the debt with consideration to judicial relief.

Due to our specialisation in legal claims management, PASCHEN offers not only legal but considerable technical know-how as well. We are able to interface with all common business software solutions to process online corporate data of all kinds. Continual improvement and tailoring of our processes, has enabled us to successfully and efficiently process mass volume cases.

All advanced legal claims management processes - including obtaining and administrating information, electronic communication with the client, the automated handling of the judicial debt collection (via the Electronic Court and Administration Portal (EGVP)) and the digital file - are regularly optimised and adapted according to the specific requirements of new developments.


Carolin Jünemann

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Prof. Schumann Konferenz Digitales Kreditmanagement

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