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Webinar CORONA COMPACT for creditors successfully launched

Against the background of the Covid-19 pandemic, PASCHEN Rechtsanwälte, together with Deutsche Kongress GmbH, has launched an “Emergency Aid Program” in the form of a seminar, which is intended to guide companies through the crisis. It is aimed specifically at creditors and is conducted exclusively online. The first edition of the interactive webinar CORONA COMPACT for creditors, which consists of three sections, was a complete success.

Each round of a webinar starts with attorney at law Jürgen Baumeister, specialist lawyer for labour law, who provides information on this topic in the light of the crisis situation. The focus is on the rights and obligations of employers and employees. Attorney at law Lutz Paschen, who takes over the middle part of the webinar, speaks about contract law. The focus is on the obligations of suppliers in the event of crisis-related obstacles, when a reference to “force majeure” is permissible and how the pandemic-related restrictions affect rental and loan agreements and other continuous obligations. The third section is dedicated to insolvency law and is moderated by attorney at law Carolin Jünemann. She provides tips on how creditors should now take precautions against the risk of later avoidance of transactions in insolvency proceedings and what to do if their customer becomes insolvent, especially if they are confronted with this in the form of protective shield proceedings.

As many companies are still very uncertain, as to how to deal with legal problems arising from the crisis, particularly with regard to insolvency and contract law, we will continue to offer the webinar. In addition, another, more in-depth event is planned from May onwards under the title “Creditors in times of Corona”. Further information on CORONA COMPACT for creditors can be found on the website of Deutsche Kongress GmbH.