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Cross-border credit and claims management within the EU

In the context of the European Union’s organized pilot project “Rapid and efficient enforcement of outstanding claims by SMEs operating across borders” the European Commission Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry hosted a seminar in Berlin on the issue of cross-border credit and claims management within the European Union on May 23th, 2013.

PASCHEN gave a detailed discourse on how to efficiently manage accounts receivables within Germany and Europe. Besides possible steps to prevent outstanding debts, PASCHEN also highlighted different European legal measures already in existence, particularly the European order for payment, the European small claims procedure and the European enforcement order for uncontested claims.

The Berlin Cross Border Business seminar was one of a series of national events whose objective is to assist Small and Medium sized Businesses (SMEs) to understand which options are available to successfully manage cross border credit and for recovery of cross-borders payments to help increase their overall business efficiency and competitiveness.

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