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PASCHEN as Partner of the SME electrical sector participates in e-masters conference in Rome

This year around 700 service providers and retailers in the electrical sector followed the invitation of the VKE-Eltkauf marketing cooperation to an extraordinary annual meeting in Rome. For PASCHEN Rechtsanwälte, attorney at law Kai Engelsberg lectured on claim management in the field of small trade during the conference in front of the intrigued members of the cooperation. During the following trade fair many owners and directors of the attending companies made use of the possibility of face-to-face dialogues with PASCHEN.

In Rome the cooperation that evolved from the four individual brands „VKE“, „Eltkauf“, „Eltpoint“ and „Planet“ unveiled its new sole standard brand e-masters.

VKE-Eltkauf becomes e-masters and with this new image the cooperation e-masters offers its current 1,850 members versatile benefits in management and marketing. The PASCHEN professional legal claim management is one of the offers most sought after and will be further expanded together with e-masters.

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