To collect overdue debts successfully, quick and effective measures in proceedings both in and out-of-court are of great importance.

Together with our IT service provider BPS Forderungsmanagement, PASCHEN’s Business Service Management department (BSM) is constantly improving internal and external legal claims management processes which are fully integrated with dynamic business focused IT solutions. 


We routinely work with electronic data transfer and are highly competent and experienced in dealing with interfaces to all common business software solutions.

For the fast transfer of our client’s data for our immediate action and effective debt collection, we are able to transfer receivables related data electronically - either directly from the client’s software system (e.g. from SAP/R3®  via PR3connect®, Navision, Sage, CAM® via enCashMent etc) or via our web based interface (debit.xs) developed by our IT service provider BPS Forderungsmanagement GmbH.

Process Optimisation

All advanced legal claims management processes - including obtaining and administrating information, electronic communication with the client, the automated handling of the judicial debt collection (via the Electronic Court and Administration Portal (EGVP)) and the digital file - are regularly optimised and adapted according to the specific requirements of new developments. Such continual improvement and tailoring of our processes, has enabled us to successfully and efficiently process mass volume cases.


PASCHEN recognises the importance of providing regular information relating to cases handled by us – for both individual clients as well as clients with mass volume accounts. Such information not only facilitates the client relationship but also supports the evaluation of your own company. 

Using the in-house developed client interface , we are able to offer an optimised web-based solution that provides maximum case transparency to the user.

 provides the opportunity to be informed of case status as well as the claim balance of all cases handed over to PASCHEN - updated on a daily basis.  Additionally, sophisticated statistical tools enable a structured analysis of outstanding accounts, resultant risks and likelihood of success of collection.

It is therefore possible to maintain an overview of cases at all times and to minimise the time and cost of inquiries. 



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