International Claims Management

Due to our specialization in legal claims management we also attend to numerous cross-border cases.

The assertion of cross-border claims is subject to particular requirements. Essential to an effective assertion of claims abroad is profound knowledge of the applicable law as well as the respective procedural and enforcement law of the different jurisdictions.

Furthermore, to take advantage of the full potential of cross-border claims management substantial practical experience is needed. In particular the different rules regarding legal fees and costs, the estimated duration of proceedings in each jurisdiction as well as versatile options to enforcement measures must be taken into consideration.

European Enforcement Order

By the implementation of the European Enforcement Order in 2005 the time and cost consuming procedure to enforce undisputed claims amongst EU member states has been significantly simplified. Now a court order gained domestically can be simply certified by the releasing court as an European Enforcement Order through application of the creditor. In particular uncontested verdicts in absence or verdicts by acknowledgement as well as enforcement orders, settlements in court and public deeds (e.g. notarially verified deeds of acknowledgement of a debt) – in short undisputed monetary claims can be certified.

Thus, to lawfully agree to a domestic place of jurisdiction in cross-border matters has become of much higher relevance due to the implementation of these new regulations.

Question as the likes of: How to lawfully agree to an international place of jurisdiction? With regard to which consuming countries does such an agreement makesense? Which other particularities have to be considered? and many more form parts of our practice group members’ daily business. Thus we support our clients already during the preparation of their export contracts, their general sale and delivery terms, their workflow and when communicating with customers.

International Alliance

Additionally, at PASCHEN we maintain excellent networking links to communicating lawyers abroad. We are continuously building on these intense but non-exclusive contacts. This enables us to offer a worldwide network of lawyers and hence always a suitable partner to pursue your claims.

Naturally, we provide our knowledge and skills in German claims management to foreign companies as well.


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